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Part 2 - Is my prescription valid?


To buy contact lenses online you need a prescription and it has to be valid, but how do you tell if you have a valid prescription or not? Your prescription can be found on the box on your contact lenses. This is law that your lens prescription must be there and you use it to place your order online. Your prescription is valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date your eye care doctor gives you the prescription. In some states it's 2 years.

There's a specific prescription for contact lenses, a prescription for eye glasses is not valid. There's additional information on a contact lens prescription that is not contained in one for eye glasses. This is the size of your eyes which have to be measured for contact lenses so the brand can be fit to your specific eye both left and right. These can be seen on the prescription where OS is the left eye and OD is the right. Any prescriptions that contains OU will mean that the prescription is the same for both eyes.

Even if you don't have your prescription with you, you can still order contact lenses online. As long as you can provide the name of your doctor or clinic then the online vendor can contact the doctor and obtain your prescription for you. Your doctor is legally obliged to confirm your prescription within 8 hours. If you have provided your prescription details and your doctor doesn't respond within that time then the prescription is considered valid and your order will be processed.

Be wary of any doctors who try and charge you to release your prescription after you've had your eye exam they're not allowed to do this under federal law. They're also not allowed to charge you to verify your prescription to another retailer whether online or not. You have a legal right to your prescription whilst you may have to pay for the exam and fitting your prescription has to be released to you upon request. Also make sure that the doctor prescribes a national brand that can be obtained anywhere. This means that you can purchase them anywhere with the opportunity to get them at low prices online.

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